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    Don't Forget! 25th Annual Wellesley Chamber of Commerce Golf Open!


    The Wellesley Community Center (WCC) invites you to visit our facility to explore all that we have to offer. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we serve our community in many ways. 

    Our primary mission is to provide meeting space for all kinds of groups, including Scouting, academic, athletic and other civic organizations. We are a meeting destination for groups that have long-term positive impacts on our community.

    We fund our mission by renting event halls and meeting spaces to private groups for business meetings, educational seminars, wedding receptions, birthday parties and lots more. We also rely on the generous donations from our community which have bolstered the quality and scope of our mission in 2013. Thank you for supporting such a worthwhile cause.

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    Since 1977 the Wellesley Rotary Chapter has been an integral part of the Wellesley Community Center. This April 19th, the Rotary Club will embark on a very ambitious project called "Stop Hunger Now".  This project is being launched under the authority of Rotary International. We have the honor to sponsor this initiative where Rotary of Wellesley will package 20,000 'food preparation kits'. These kits serve up to six meals and are packaged, palletized, trucked, warehoused and distributed for local, national and international communities in need. If you would like to participate in this worthwhile opportunity, go to:

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