Season Two Television Updates:

We are very excited about the return of Cooks in Town Season Two and we have a special pre-season episode featuring Katie Chapman and her three sisters. The four of them will be serving up some sibling rivalry which promises to be entertaining and fun. Be sure to catch our air date in early September!

And of course on Gil Stubbs' World of Magic, our exceptional host will bring back another talented roster of wonderful and mysterious guest performances, including Dennis Pimenta, Jerry Schoiwitz and Ada Kaliszewska to take the show to new heights. The first taping is scheduled for September Third in Babson Hall at 4:00PM. The following dates are October 1, November 5 and December 3. Stay tuned for further details!


The Wellesley Community Center (WCC) invites you to visit our facility to explore all that we have to offer. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we serve our community in many ways. If you have a idea you would like to share to improve our mission, let us know what is on your mind.

Our primary mission is to provide meeting space for all kinds of groups, including Scouting, academic, athletic and other civic organizations. We are a meeting destination for groups that are valued partners which provide long-term benefits for our community.

Our mission is supported by renting event halls and meeting spaces to private groups for business meetings, educational seminars, wedding receptions, birthday parties and lots more. We also rely on the generous donations from our community, which we support, in order to bolster the quality and scope of our work in 2014. Thank you for supporting such a worthwhile cause and please let us know what we can do for you!

A Message from the Executive Director

Since 1977 the Wellesley Rotary Club has been an integral part of the Wellesley Community Center.  This Fall, under Rotary's Vocational Avenue of Service will be hosting a brand new program, where grade school and middle school students will be exposed the the challenges and opportunities of a writing contest.  This writing contest, under the guidance of Wellesley Rotarians, their teachers and/or parents will help young students develop an understanding of the Four Way Test.  It is designed as a problem solving strategy and decision making tool, allowing students reflection upon their work and its impact in their lives.

In The News

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