If  you are known by the company you keep, then we're in good company!

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They say “you are known by the company that you keep.” As the largest common civic organization in town, we are in pretty good company. World of Wellesley continues its success, along with Susan G Komen, Hills Junior Club, Service League just to name a few. Thanks to your financial engagement, 2015 was another great year for Wellesley Community Center.

The Great Wellesley Train Show pulled into town for its second appearance, with over 2000 attendees, with more train clubs, more vendors, and more attendees than last year. You can count on a third whistle stop next year!

By investing in our youth we are home to the largest organization in the country with the Society of Young Magicians Boston Chapter. Our sports programs continue to grow along with Scouting leadership. We are expanding our arts agenda by engaging with the members of the Wellesley Arts Alliance.

Look for in-house productions to be offered from the talent of the Wellesley Theatre Project this coming Spring. In addition, Wheels of Wellesley V is coming up and we will feature the 50th Anniversary of the TV show, The Monkees, with the actual car designed by the world famous George Barris.  Last year, Wheels of Wellesley IV featured the Batmobile!

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About us / Contact Information 
The WCC was established in 1977 as a Massachusetts non-profit to benefit the town of Wellesley and the MetroWest area. We retain an all-volunteer Board of Directors whose members serve to make our community a better place in which to live. 
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A Message from the Executive Director

Look for the fabulous Your French Gift Trunk Show on December 10. Our partnerships with Scouts and other civic organizations continue to grow and expand.  We hope you will share in our continued success!  Stay tuned for more updates!